Usually not excited about Monday

The Plan

Tomorrow Dori will consult with Dr Kapoor and come up with a plan of action. On one hand it is nice that we get to kind of chart our own course and have such a big impact on the direction of Dori’s treatment. On the other hand it makes it hard to know if we’re doing the right thing. We just do what we think is best-or rather Dori does-and then we pray that we have made good decisions and that the doctors are doing all they can to help us make wise choices. In many ways we have beat the odds to get this far so we must be doing something right! JE

Quick Update

Dori made it home yesterday! Everyone was real excited to have her back. Hopefully Jaden will get back on track with a more stable schedule now. She was getting kind of moody there for a while-I think because of going to bed too late/getting up too early/not enough nap. Not exactly her fault. Personally, it was nice to have Dori sleeping next to me again. On another note, we are trying to work in a trip to Disney world in June. We have some money saved up that we were going to use when Jaden was older-but plans change! We are trying to work some deals with airlines for reduced fares-we are not exactly destitute by any means but with Dori’s reduced income and the mounting medical bills we have taken a pretty big hit these last few years and are not above accepting some help if it’s offered. Hopefully we can get Dori healthy enough to go and then get in some real quality family time together. Right now, that is my prayer.

Usually not excited about Monday

But since Dori comes home tomorrow after what I think is about 18 days, we are all looking forward to this Monday. What a wild few weeks it has been! There has been so much excitement and drama that I’m looking forward to the days where the biggest pressing decision is “do we need to get more milk?” or something like that. The kids and I had a good time at the lake and Grandma has been a life saver for me. Jaden is getting really off her schedule and is uncharacteristically grumpy lately. She should get much better when Mom gets home. We all will.

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