Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Beer Review

The wheat beer craze is in full swing in America and beer drinkers don’t seem to be looking back. One by one people have begun to stand up and say that they’ve had enough. No longer will such cheap and flavorless beers as Miller Light and Coors Light dominate the shelf space in our stores and in our refrigerators. We want something with character. We want something with unique flavor brewed with local ingredients. And most of all, we want something that we can drink and be proud of. Since none of these qualities can be attributed to any of the major adjunct breweries in the United States, companies like the Boston Beer Company and their Samuel Adams label are stepping up and making things right. I don’t know what we would do without them.

One of the most interesting beers from Samuel Adams that fits the aforementioned criteria is their Cherry Wheat. I first discovered this beer while wandering the aisles of my local grocery store. Initially it surprised me to see such a unique beer at such a run of the mill food shop. But considering the intense distribution growth the Boston Beer Company has enjoyed in recent years, I decided this must simply be a product of the widespread American awakening that seems to be taking place of yet. Yes, I assured myself. This beer is for sale because Americans in all corners of this fair land are demanding what they want in their beer.

The Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat is a beer born of local ingredients. This beer is dominated by the company’s proprietary yeast strain, but the infusion of Michigan cherries gives it such a unique twist that you’ll have to take a big swig of it to know exactly how rewarding it is. You’ll notice a little sweetness in the finish, and this is the result of honey added during the brewing process. Overall this beer is smooth and can be enjoyed by both fans and nonfans of the wheat beer style. This should not be confused with the hefeweizen style. The Cherry Wheat is a brew all its own.

If you are a fan of fruit infused brews then you probably have a strong idea of what to expect based on the title of this beer. Fruit beers are not incredibly common, still. If you have yet to try one for yourself, this is a great one to start with!


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