Risks associated with Eating too much Fast Food

Fast food may be a tasty treat for the taste buds but what happens when the juicy burger patty moves down to the stomach is another issue- that is usually not pondered upon. According to the WHO there are over 1 billion overweight adults- among which at least 300 million are considered to be obese around the world. These very issues namely – Obesity and excess body weight are often the core reasons behind chronic diseases like some cancers, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and heart stroke.

The reason is the high content of complex carbohydrates, elevated ratio of fats, saturated fats and sugar in fast food recipes. Youngsters and adults are more inclined towards such foods as they find they provide quick energy and saves time. Eating fast food is not actually that bad but the problem arises when there is almost no physical activity to burn all the extra calories.

One Big Mac from Mc Donald’s contains energy content of 540 kcal in America. When paired with a large coke and fries or very often a rich milkshake imagine what havoc it can create in the body. The recommended food types ideal for daily intake are low in fiber and high in fiber that regulates the bowel movements and ensures that the body is provided with enough calories for maintaining good health for a long time.

What we eat is what we are! It is always best to remember this rule when planning the diet. You don’t want your child to suffer with dangerous diseases like heart problems or even diabetes from a young age, so you as parents have to make the right choices for them.

Indulging in fast food occasionally is pretty much ok, as the body can balance the extra calories especially if you pair it with regular physical activity. Encourage your kids to participate in sports to stay fit and active. It is best to set an example to your kids, why not plan a weekly family run around the park or a special basketball game at the weekend to have a fun time together and at the same time motivate the young ones.

Making intelligent choices when going out for dinner is also very important and can play a major role in maintaining your health. For example if you go to Mc Donald’s, opt for McDonald’s McGrill w/o Mayo that has 340 Calories and 7 grams of fat instead of the usual McDonald’s Crispy Chicken that has a whopping 550 Calories with 27 grams of fat!


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