Proofreader and Copyeditor

I am a successful proofreader and copyeditor. My new proofreading and copyediting service will take off like a rocket!

Supporting Actions:

Promoting my services will help manifest this intention.

Background Information:

I have a strong background in English.  I love to read, write and help people.  This is my dream job so I decided to go ahead and freelance.  I have made some business cards and I have a portfolio of my work.  I just need to figure out where to place these cards and what would be the best way to promote my services.  Any advice would be very much appreciated.


I must add two points here:


Dear Lorafay,

I’ve been doing proofreading and editing for some time now. I got most of my gigs through a listserve from my alma mater. Another thought is advertising your services at local colleges. A third idea would be to approach academic publishers, like Prentice Hall (Pearson Education), and send them a cover letter and resume. They need proofreaders for textbooks and the accompanying CD-ROMS.

I know you’ll be finding loads of freelance work and building your business this year!


Have you thought about offering your services to local printing and publishing houses? Freelancing there? You should be very proud of that talent that you have. I am a desktop publisher/graphic artist and customers in the printing field love when they submit there work to print someone is looking over it to make it PERFECT…

I love that your positive and your taking the steps to follow your dreams. Thanks for the boost!

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