Popeye’s has been a favorite fast food restaurant of mine for a very long time.

When I was working, it just so came in handy, in that on the way to work, I could stop by and grab a sausage and biscuit and coffee and eat  (real messy) driving, although they furnished me with ample napkins.  The food was tasty and hit the spot and would satisfy my hunger until lunch.  The cost was reasonable as is all of Popeye’s foods.

I have always liked chicken livers – especially fried.  So, did my aunt who just passed away the other day.. 

We worked together (me as a temp until I landed a contract) and she was the permanent employee.  We had such a good time together and seem to make a good team – well, we got the work done.

There was a Popeye’s right down the street from the office.  Some days, we would call them around lunch and get them to fry up a batch of chicken livers because we both had a yen for them.  We had to call them before they would make that dish as that was their policy.  That was one item that might not sell if they made them beforehand.  We lived in a southern state and people there like dishes like that.

One day we called and took an order for about ten people.  Oh, we got the works – cajun rice, red beans, slaw, etc.

We were eating away when one made the remark that her rice seemed  ‘a little bit sour’.  Well, everyone else had already eaten theirs so we couldn’t compare.  Anyway, she called Popeye’s and complained.  She said they were just extra nice about it and told her to come by and pick up a ten piece dinner one evening.  That he would leave a note on the stickboard.

Well, she didn’t have enough family to take that much home to feed so she told me to, knowing that my children and their friends would be hungry.  I went by and got it and they apologized again.

So, you see.  Popeye’s saved me when I was usually so tired.

Popeye’s is usually our Sunday night dinner.  Their slaw cannot be beaten.  My only complaint is that they do not give enough packets of honey to go with their delicious biscuits.  Yes, I still order the cajun rice.  Just love it!


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