More of the same

Dori sounded real good today. We talked with her this morning as we got ready for church then again this afternoon. She still seems to be real tired though. I wasn’t able to get over to see her today-me and Tait went to Sea World again for a few hours while Jaden was at my Mom’s. It’s hard to get over to the hospital when she is in ICU because the kids can’t go up and see her. So I’ll get over there tomorrow and check her out. She has plenty of visitors so she is not lonely at all. Of course we all miss her. Today at church all the Sunday school teachers got recognized and I was able to stand-in for Dori.

It seems like such a small thing to teach Sunday school but it really isn’t. It takes a commitment and willingness to devote yourself to teaching that is hard to do-even though it is first greade it is not easy. But Dori loves doing it and I know she hates to miss seeing those kids. In fact all the teachers are wonderful and deserve a great deal of thanks. Ultimately they don’t do it for any reward or recognition-they do it for the kids and because it is what God has called them to do. I was real happy to stand-in for her today. There has not been much news to report this weekend. I think Monday Dr. Kapoor should give us a big update on everything and we’ll know better where we stand. Until then..

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