Liquors and Spiritsthe best Coffee Cocktails and after Dinner Drinks

The best thing about creating coffee cocktails and after dinner drinks is that one has endless possibilities for creating a dream of a beverage. Hot or cold coffee cocktails delight the senses and certainly highlight your feel-good endorphins. Sip a warm coffee cocktail on a cold winter’s day or enjoy an iced coffee when the sun is shining brightly. Irrespective of the season, no one really needs a reason for enjoying a great coffee cocktail or delicious after dinner drink. Love your caffeine and a touch of alcohol? Well you’re certainly in for a treat if you opt to make one of the following coffee cocktails or after dinner drinks. Preparing these coffee cocktails is relatively easy.

Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee: Ah, sounds delightful indeed doesn’t it? Well you won’t be disappointed it is! Chocolate hazelnut coffee is a lovely rich elegant coffee. Chocolate cocktail serve in a warm wine glass. Double the quantity and share the enjoyment with your partner as you sit by the fireplace.


10oz hot brewed coffee

1oz chocolate liqueur

10z yummy hazelnut liqueur

To prepare, simply mix coffer and liqueurs into a warm 12oz wine glass. Top this with a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

Wine Coffee Froth: Wine Coffee Froth is a very unique mix of Muscatel wine and coffee, served in a chilled glass. This is an excellent drink which compliments any dessert. The sweet wine makes this one of the most delicious iced coffee cocktails you will ever taste. So easy to make.


2 oz Muscatel wine

1 cup cold coffee

2 tsp sugar ( preferably raw)

½ cup grated orange peel

1 small pinch of cinnamon

To prepare, simply whip all ingredients together until frothy and smooth. Serve in chilled glasses over a little ice. Serves 2

A Night in Florida: A very popular party drink, A Night in Florida is quite a potent drink you will certainly enjoy. The beauty of this drink is that it offers an assortment of lovely tastes. The following recipe is for one serve but you will no doubt wish to double that or even triple it.


1 ½ tsp Kahlua

¾ cup hot coffee

1 ½ tsp Grand Marnier

1/½ tsp Frangelico

1/½ tsp Bailey’s Irish Cream

To prepare, mix all liqueurs together and add to the hot coffee. Top this with whipped cream. Serves one, enjoy!

Spanish Coffee: A great blend of Tia Maria, coffee and rum makes this a top cocktail for all occasions. Easy to make, a little stronger as far as coffee taste is concerned and but so palatable.


½ oz rum (dark or light)

1/2oz Tia Maria

1 cup hot coffee.

To prepare, simply mix all ingredients and serve with a good dollop of whipped cream. This Spanish coffee recipe serves one.

Almond Coffee Cream: A dash of almond liqueur such as Amaretto will go well with the coffee and hot cream in this delightfully delicious beverage. This is the ideal winter cocktail for those who love creamy rich coffee cocktails.


¾ cup hot coffee

1 shot almond liqueur

¼ cup heavy cream which is scalded

Prepare by combining all ingredients. If you like you can replace the liqueur with a non-alcoholic almond extract.

White Russian: One of the easiest coffee cocktails to make is a White Russian. Just grab mix 1oz coffee liqueur with 2oz vodka and place this in a tall glass half filled with ice-cubes. Fill the rest of the glass with cream and serve. You’ll love this!

Black Gold: This is one awesome coffee cocktail. You will need a well stocked bar to make a Black Gold cocktail. With 5 different spirits, this is one might powerful drink. Slightly sweet but nutty as well, a Black Gold is indescribable. Let’s just say it will knock your socks off!


¼ oz Triple Sec

4oz coffee

¼ oz Irish Cream

¼ Amaretto

¼ oz hazelnut liqueur

Small dash of cinnamon Schapps


Stir all ingredients well and place in a good sized mug with whipped cream.


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