How to use a Coffee Press French Press

Coffee experts generally agree that the best cup comes from a coffee press (also called a French press). A coffee press creates a marvelous cup, losing none of the complex flavors that make up coffee. Brewing coffee using this method allows you to take full advantage of the roughly 1500 chemicals in coffee. A coffee press is definitely the way to get the most out of your coffee!

Using a coffee press to brew coffee is actually very easy, although many times people are intimidated by them. The French press is a glass cup with a lid and plunger. The basic idea is to place coarse ground coffee in the bottom of the cup and pour in hot water. The coffee grinds sit in the bottom of your cup until your coffee is ready.

There are very important things to remember and keep in mind in order to make the best possible cup using a coffee press. Here are the instructions:

All you’ll need is water, coarse coffee grinds, and the French press itself.

Heat the water to just before boiling.

Place the coarse coffee grinds (about a tablespoon per cup, adjusted to taste) in the bottom of your coffee press. The grinds should be coarse, even moreso than what you would use in a drip coffee maker.

Pour the hot water into the coffee press. Stir the coffee grinds in your cup. After about three and a half minutes, stir the coffee once again. Then, at four minutes, depress the plunger.

When the plunger is depressed to the bottom pour the coffee out into our favorite mug. And there you have a freshly brewed cup of excellent coffee!

As with any coffee drink, everything can be adjusted to taste. If you leave the coffee in the press after plunging the coffee will continue to extract and grow stronger.

You can use whatever type of coffee you like in a coffee press. The most important thing is to grind the coffee coarsely. It is recommended that you grind the coffee yourself just before brewing to insure that you have the freshest cup possible.

Filtered water is also highly recommended. The quality of the water you use will influence the taste of your drink. This is true of any coffee drink, good water makes for good coffee. This is almost more important than the bean itself.

A coffee press makes an impressive cup of coffee. It allows you to take advantage of all of the 1500 chemicals in a coffee bean. It will give you the fullest, most flavorful cup of coffee possible, and it is relatively easy to brew. If you love coffee but have never used a coffee press you are cheating yourself.


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