How to Make Hard Cider

Hard cider can be easy to make, or very complicated. I’m going to describe the easy way to make hard cider. You will need various types of equipment to start off with, and I suggest you gather the list of items before making the cider. The first step to making good hard cider is the preparation.  Hard cider can go well with certain meals, such as, fish and chicken dishes.  Making your own hard cider is an accomplishment and is also a rewarding experience. 

– The Items –

2 x 5 food grade container (fermenter)

Airlock Cleaner Sanitizer

4 Ft of tubing Tube clamp Cane sugar (For sparkling cider)

45 – 55 12 oz bottles Bottle caps and bottle capper

5 gallons of apple juice Yeast (Chosen type depending on the cider)

– Instructions –

1. Prepare the yeast according to the manufacturers guidelines.

2. Make sure the apple juice is at room temperature.

3. Wash and sanatize every item that is going to be in contact with the cider. The sanitizer will come with instructions on the best way to use this equipment.

4. When everything has been thoroughly cleaned, add the apple juice. Be sure that the container is aerated well.

5. Add (pitch) yeast to the fermenter

6. Put the lid on the container, attach airlock with a little water in it.

7. The container should be placed in an area with a temperature of mid to high 60’s.

8. In around a week or two the bubbling process in the fermenter should have stopped. If not, then wait until it has completely stopped. It is important to wait until the bubbling has stopped as bottling still fermenting cider is potentially dangerous.

9. Again, be sure that everything is sanitized. Bottles and bottle fillers need to be cleaned and sanitized. Bottle caps also must be sanitized.

10. Sanatize a second container and tubing.

11. Siphon the cider to the container. Be careful not to disrupt the yeast at the bottom of the fermenter.

12. At this point 3/4 of a cup of corn sugar is added if sparkling cider is required. If not, then simply leave out the sugar for a still cider.

13. Siphon the cider into the sanitized bottles, and leave around 1″ of head space. Put the cap on and store in a warm place for a couple of weeks. After this time the yeast should have carbonated, and the cider is ready for refrigeration.

14. The cider is now ready to drink. You may want to leave a few bottles in cool, dark area to go through the aging process.

The hard cider should be drunk in moderation as with any alcoholic substance. The making of hard cider can become an interesting hobby for people who are legally allowed to drink. Friends can enjoy the task of making hard cider, and enjoy the great taste when it’s all done.


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