Blister On Lip : What To Do?

If you arrive at this page while researching for some FREE info on blister on lip, feel free to skip this part and go directly to the article proper below.

I am sure you are looking for treatment as well.  So if you have tried out many of these FREE tips on treatment for fever blister on lip but finding success hard to come by, do not think that this article will somehow offer you a “magic bullet” that will make your fever blister go away. Normally, that does not happen.

Let me state it as a fact  that many of the information on fever blister on lip that I find on many medical sites on the internet are a rehash of whatever that is already available. I am sure that if you have already been doing quite a bit of research on fever blister on lip, you may already know (and maybe even tested out) some of them listed in the article below.

Now back to the info on blister on lip:

What Not To Do

Fever blisters are also called cold sores. This condition is caused by the herpes simplex virus which is very contagious. We shall use the term “fever blister” throughout this article.

A blister on  lip can be very painful as the blood blisters later turn into sores.  Normally they form a yellow crusted scab and can last for one or two weeks.

This blood blister on lip can also spread to other areas like the nostrils, chin and cheeks as well as other areas you touch.

Thus, it is very important that you don’t share dishes, spoons, cups, towels and anything that comes in contact with your mouth before first disinfecting it. Don’t kiss or touch your mouth to anyone. It’s also a good idea to wash your hands frequently and also avoid touching the fever blister on lip.

The Early Sign

Before you can actually see a fever blister you are most likely to feel a mild tingling or burning sensation in or around the area where the fever blister will appear. If you feel that area gently, you might also notice some hardness in that spot.


Though presently there is no cure for fever blisters, an antiviral medication can do wonders in speeding the healing process and minimize the severity of an outbreak.

You can also use an ice pack for about ten minutes at a time to ease the pain. However, some people feel better with a warm compress.

Applying a cream for the fever blister on lip and taking a painkiller will also help. But make sure you do not pinch or pick at the fever blister as this will slow down the healing process.

Best Remedy?

Unfortunately,the best remedy for blisters on lip is dependable on individuals. The list above is not exhaustive as I only compile what seems to work for many fever blister sufferers.  But remember, since getting real treatment for fever blisters involves many other factors, not everyone will see a positive results by just relying on these remedies for fever blisters.

But who knows? Try some of the tips above and maybe you will list one of them as your favorite treatment for fever blister on lip.

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