Cloudy urine in children

Urine is cloudy in children or toddler.

Urinary tract stones leading to UTI thus to cloudy urine

Sometimes, symptoms of urinary tract infection are the only manifestation of kidney stones and urethral stone, especially in children, as main symptoms in mostly cases. The result is cloudy urine (pyuria) often occurs due to UTI secondary to kidney stones in children.

Bladder stones remain common in children in less-developed countries and areas due to malnutrition, low-protein diet, and more common among boys younger than 11-year-old. That causes interrupted urination, painful urination, difficult urination and UTI. So, urine may be also cloudy.

UTIs and cloudy urine in children

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the common in children to lead to cloudy urine (bacteriuria). The clinical statistics on the incidence of bacteria in urine in children as follow:

  • newborn – 1.0%-1.5%
  • infants – male (3.7%), female (2.0%)
  • 1-7 years old – male (1.5%), female (7.8%)
  • 8-12 years old – male (1.2%), female (7.2%)

There are too many causes to lead to UTIs in children. In girls, the main anatomical factor is the urethra short; In boys, phimosis, posterior urethral valve stenosis, junction of the renal pelvis-ureter stenosis all can promote bacterial infection. Some receptors are present in the urinary tract and male foreskin, and will be conducive to bacterial growth.

Above factors will cause urethral infection. The bacteria can go up to infect the bladder, ureter, kidney and its renal pelvis. In addition, functional defect of urinary tract against infection, non-breastfeeding, P1 blood group in children are also conducive to bacterial invasion.

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