Things looking good or bad

I visited with Dori today at the hospital and she looked great-much better than she looked a few weeks ago when she was in there. She is eating well, has no fever and is just trying to get strong. She is hoping to get Kapoor to release her tonight-we’ll see about that! Anyway, she looks and feels good, just needs time for the antibiotics to work. Her colon looked good-but the test (of course) was uncomfortable. She did get a few good war stories from the nurse helping with the test-not internet approved stuff (at least for this site!). Tait called from camp today and he’s doing great. Grandma Morris has been a real life saver for us getting him to camp everyday. Once again she has really come through for us.

Bad News/Good News

The bad news is that Dori didn’t feel good at all Tuesday morning. She called me from the lake and sounded pretty bad-and she had already vomitted 3 times. But she got Tait off to camp and I was able to get Kerri to take me up there to check her out. Kerri ended up taking Dori back to San Antonio and straight to the hospital. It turns out she has a new infection-totally unrelated to anything she had two weeks ago. She was feeling great tonight and had just done a colonoscopy (sp?) and that looked good. So we hope she comes home tomorrow. I think she will because she says she is eating everything and has not had fever. The good news is that we are making progress on our Disney trip. We have four free round-trip tickets from Southwest Airlines! AND we have free 3-day passes to Disney, and day passes to SeaWorld and Universal Studios! I was optimistic that we would get the airline tickets but the rest was totally unexpected-and very much appreciated. We will be concentrating on getting Dori as healthy as she can be between now and our trip, think of us and pray for us until then.

Quick Update

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with just me, Dori and the kids. We got the jet ski out and drove around the lake. It was a great time for everyone. Tait went to day camp on Monday and will be going there all week. He really enjoyed the camp. I’ll post a picture later today.. JE

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