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Fruit smoothies are becoming every popular these days. More and more often, they are even being served in eateries. When making smoothies at home, there are a few simple rules to remember.

Rule #1- Use frozen fresh fruit when available.
Rule #2- Use juice as the liquid.
Rule #3- DO NOT add ice cubes!
Rule #4- Add nutrition at every opportunity.
Rule #5- Two thirds frozen ingredients to one third liquid ingredients.

Now, the implementation of these rules is so very simple. Often people want to add ice cubes to their smoothies, but this makes them taste watered down. Instead, for your frozen portion, add your frozen fruits. If you want to make smoothies often, buy frozen fruits in a mixed bag. Stay away from seeded berries, as the seeds get in the way. If you have bananas that are about to go bad, peel them and freeze them in a zipper baggie (you can add unfrozen ones to the frozen ones in the same bag this way). You can also freeze fresh strawberries, melons, pineapple, and grapes.
For your liquid portion, use juices when possible. If you want a crme smoothie, use fresh whipping cream (you will probably want to add some honey to sweeten it). I sometimes use some lemon lime soda or ginger ale as the liquid, but only if I want it to be “sparkling”.
Ways to add nutrition to your smoothies is to use yogurt as part of the liquid, add some wheat germ or whey powder, or add honey to sweeten instead of sugar. Using real whipping cream adds vitamins instead of using a non fat non dairy whipped cream to make your smoothie creamy.
Finally, when you actually put your smoothie into the blender, use twice as much frozen ingredients as liquid. This will give you the thick and frothy results of a smoothie rather than a watered down pulpy mess.
Bon Appetite!


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