Pizza Hut Versus Mcdonalds Taste and value

Apples to apples, oranges to oranges! Pizza Hut versus McDonald’s? Do they really compare? Yes, they are both recognizable and popular restaurant chains, but trying to compare a sit down pizzeria to a fast food burger joint is like comparing people to penguins. Surely they both walk upright, but that about sums up their similarities!

I suppose one could argue that since both restaurants serve food and both offer dine-in or carryout they must be comparable. However, not only are the menu’s completely different, but also each establishment has a dining atmosphere entirely unlike the other.

Not being a real fan of McDonald’s, I think of this dining option only as something to resort to when I’m in a hurry and there is nothing else available. When traveling I will utilize a McDonald’s restaurant as a fast and some-what satisfying way to grab it quick and get on my way. Although it’s a quick fix for the immediate hunger pangs, I usually find myself wishing I had held out for something better.

Pizza Hut on the other hand, although it’s not a quick alternative for a hurried traveler, does offer a much more satisfying meal. Many people probably think that Pizza Hut only offers pizza. Not So! They do have pizza of course, and it is outstanding in taste, but the restaurant also offers a variety of other foods. Pasta bakes are one of the unique tastes of Pizza Hut. They offer several pasta dishes to include a Seafood Alfredo pasta and Cavatini Supreme (a marinara based pasta dish) that are both excellent. These meals both come with salad and choice of bread-sticks or garlic toast.

Upon entering a Pizza Hut, you will be escorted to a table by a hostess. A waitress will then take your drink order and offer the appetizer menu, which includes bread-sticks, several flavors of chicken wings and deep-fried mozzarella sticks. When your order is ready, it will be served to your table and the waitress will check periodically to see if you need anything else during your visit.

The McDonald’s experience is much less desirable. If you are lucky enough not to find a long line of customers waiting at the counter, you can walk right up and place your order. If you are dining in, your food will be placed on a tray, which you then carry to a table. You can fill your own drinks at the handy drink dispenser. If you are placing your order “to-go” it’ll be thrown into a paper bag and you are on your way. Unless you don’t mind eating something that you didn’t order, it’s usually a good idea to check the contents of the bag before you drive away.

What does McDonald’s have to offer? They do carry a variety of burgers. You can get anything from a plain burger with ketchup or a quarter pounder with cheese and pickles to something like a Big Mac which comes with it’s own special sauce. If a burger doesn’t strike your fancy, there are other options, such as chicken or fish sandwiches, or maybe even one of several salads. A side of fries and a soft drink will accompany any sandwich if you choose to make it a combo. On the plus side, McDonald’s serves breakfast. This is something that Pizza Hut does not offer.

The fast food industry is a “hit and miss” business. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s not. Unfortunately, in the hurry-up world we live in today, fast food has evolved from a mere convenience to a necessity. So, which is it for taste and value?

Taste? Depends on what you are craving at the moment. We all know a pizza won’t do if it’s a burger our taste buds are hankering for and vice versa. Both restaurants rank at the top in their own specialty, but cannot fairly be compared against each other.

Value? If cheap meant the same as value, then McDonald’s would be the winner, because you would likely spend less at McDonald’s than you would at Pizza Hut.

The old saying, “You get what you pay for!” applies here. When you need to eat on the run, then McDonald’s can fill the need, but if we really must make the comparison between Pizza Hut and McDonald’s, it’s thumbs up to Pizza Hut! Sorry Ronald.


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