Driving with Competence and Confidence

I have my driver’s license and am a very confident and competent driver. Not only am I consciously competent, but I am unconsciously competent as well. I stay calm and  focused while driving no matter what is happening, and my fear has totally left. I love the feeling of freedom I have and I am […]

How to use Cornstarch Unusual Ways

Cornstarch: A Few Unusual uses When most people think cornstarch they immediately think thickening agent for things such as pudding, sauces, soups and gravy. But why limit yourself to using cornstarch only in your food? Why don’t we breakout our inner creative and find new and somewhat unusual uses for this seemingly one trick pony. […]

Brilliant uses for Cornstarch

Turn off that stove, put down that cornstarch, and slowly back away. You may be used to using cornstarch to thicken sauces or gravies, but it has many other purposes that are outside the box. Here are a handful of unique uses for this deceptively simple kitchen staple. Sparkling Windows Cornstarch can be quickly whipped up […]

Wonton Soup Wontons

Contrary to what many people believe, a delicious wonton soup is easy to make. You certainly don’t have to go to a nice Chinese restaurant to enjoy such a meal. All you need is to learn what ingredients you should use and follow some helpful tips. Wonton soup Ingredients (Serves 4 people) 1 cup of […]

Good Coffee is a Wonderful Thing

How complicated can it be to heat water, combine it in some fashion with coffee grounds and produce a beverage? Brewing a good cup of coffee is not as simple as it sounds. Anyone who has had an appallingly bad cup of coffee knows that there are many possible pitfalls between the raw ingredients and […]

Edible Mushrooms are Wonderful Things

Those who are lucky enough to grow up in Montana may just be pickers. There are a lot of things that can be picked. Huckleberries are tasty and if you can get them before the bears you are lucky. It takes a whole lot of picking to get a bowl full. There are plenty of […]

The least Healthy Fast Food Items

Today’s population prefers to relish the pleasures of delicious spicy snacks and sugary delights, instead of enjoying the nutritional benefits of a bowl of salad. Indeed, taste has been the top priority of today’s kids, and many fast food restaurants are providing just that. Although one might find numerous unhealthy fast food snacks, ranging from […]

Truly Decadent Truffles are Easy to Make

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite treat, and chocolate truffles are a great way to feed the craving. They represent true decadence and are a rare and treasured experience. Chocolate truffles, particularly homemade, which are deceptively easy to make, are bite size pieces of heaven. Great gifts for Christmas and other holidays too, when people revel in […]

Danish Pastry 101

If you are a Danish pastry lover, you may be looking for the perfect danish recipe, with step by step instructions, and several different types of fillings you could use. Well you came to the right place, because I have one of the best danish recipes I have ever tried right here for your use. […]

Candy Making 101

Making the simple candies where you melt chocolate and add other ingredients until melted but do not boil, makes some very good candy and it is so easy to do. But, if you have a real sweet tooth, it is good to try some of the other candies that you need to boil ingredients to […]