Ways to Improve the Flavor of Hot Dogs

Whether it is with mustard and ketchup, kraut or slaw, or cheese and chili, everyone loves a great hot dog. After all, Hot Dogs are almost as American as Apple Pie. Americans have a love for these wonderful tubes of mystery meat and many have little understanding of why. Enjoying hot dogs can be an amazing experience. Often hot dogs become boring with the typical and common preparation techniques and toppings. There are a number of ways to add some additional flavor to hot dogs.

One word of advice, to have the best hot dogs, begin with the best product. Do not expect the cheap pack of off brand dogs to transform into great flavorful experiences. The best hot dogs start with quality ingredients. Check the packages of the hot dogs before buying to be sure what kind of product you are purchasing.

Cooking Methods

The cooking method has a great deal of impact on the flavor of the hot dog. Many people boil their hot dogs in water and lose much of the essential flavor that makes hot dogs great. Now is the time to move beyond boiling or microwaving those precious tubes of beef and seasonings.

Here are some ways to cook those hot dogs


Deep Fry

Butterfly and fry

Open fire



The basic toppings for hot dogs are onion and relish. Some people add chili and cheese, if they are feeling especially festive. Toppings can either make or brake the flavor of the hot dog. There are a wide variety of different toppings that can add some extra zing to the common hot dog.

* Dill relish instead of sweet relish

* Banana Peppers – Hot or Mild

* Onion rings or onion strings

* French Fries

* Cheese – Use something unusual for hot dogs like Pepper Jack or Swiss

* Cole slaw

* Sauerkraut


Most people eat ketchup or mustard on their hot dogs but seldom get more adventurous. Sauces or condiments can add amazing new flavors to hot dogs, if done in the right balance and blend. Creating your own special sauce can be a challenge but well worth if you find something that you enjoy. Here are some ideas for different sauce combinations.

* Barbeque Sauce

* Honey Mustard

* Mayonnaise with an added kick like garlic or some other types of spice

* Hot Sauce or Buffalo Wing Sauce


One key element of an excellent hot dog has to be the bun. Moving beyond the ordinary with hot dogs could be as simple as having a different kind of bun. Check out the bakery section of the supermarket for various fresh baked buns. Some markets carry a variety of fresh baked hot dog buns. Some bakeries will even special order these kinds of items ahead of time. Doing some simple research at the market could make this option a reality.

Hot dogs are an American tradition but they can get kind of boring. Adding a few new flavors can go a long way to moving beyond the ordinary hot dog. Search for some new ways to enjoy the old classic taste.

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