Driving with Competence and Confidence

I have my driver’s license and am a very confident and competent driver. Not only am I consciously competent, but I am unconsciously competent as well. I stay calm and  focused while driving no matter what is happening, and my fear has totally left. I love the feeling of freedom I have and I am so proud of myself for conquering my fear and trusting my abilities!!  I now drive everywhere, unconcerned about what others think, or how I’m doing, because I know I am a wonderful driver.

Supporting Actions:

I have started hypnotherapy to get rid of the fear…I listen to my hypnotherapy cd every night before bed, and try to listen to it before driving lessons as well.

I have taken 2 driving lessons from a qualified instructor, I need 4 more to complete the requirements for my license.

I need to save $600 for the in-class lessons required for the driver’s exam.

I will drive everywhere I can…anytime we have to drive somewhere, I will drive, rather than letting my husband.

Background Information:

I have a major fear of driving…I’m 37 and really want the freedom that comes from having a driver’s license. I’m tired of being a slave to my fear, and tired of relying on others to drive me places, or skipping things entirely because I can’t get to them. If I can do this, I honestly feel that I could do anything!!

I am no expert in this field but everything I had read about affirmations and goals has said “state them in the positive”. If I say to you don’t think about an elephant you immediately picture an elephant. The universe works in the same way. By saying ” I do not panic” all you will attract is panic. Reword this. Use visualization as well.
All the best.

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