Do you like Fast Food Buffet or Restaurants with Home Cooked Flair

Fast or slow food is the subject of a great debate! One songster crooned “I want my food to know itself before it knows my mouth.” But obviously there are lots of votes for fast in this culture of quick. I remember reading about the founder of McDonald’s dream of creating a place where a working man could take his family to eat and not have to bust his budget to do it. I think Americans have voted yes on his idea again and again.

Personally I like it all. Home cooked, fast food, and buffet. It depends on the particular day and how much pocket change I have. If I’m in a hurry I like having the fast food and having the availibility of the cheap prices on the dollar menu!
But when I can slow down and indulge in a sit down meal I enjoy the frills and flourishes of an elegant place. Then I look for something on the menu or the buffet that I don’t often cook myself.

Sometimes I prefer the home cooked, but eaten out combination, too when I am feeling lazy and the weather is hot perhaps or for a meal when I know this place does this dish especially well. Ethnic food for example would be in that category. I have enjoyed, Oriental, Polish and Mexican meals again and again in local and far away places.

It’s really nice to have the choice of fast, home cooked or buffet and even a more elegant place so the choice can be made differently on different days.

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