Jun, 2016

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat Beer Review

The wheat beer craze is in full swing in America and beer drinkers don’t seem to be looking back. One by one people have begun to stand up and say that they’ve had enough. No longer will such cheap and flavorless beers as Miller Light and Coors Light dominate the shelf space in our stores […]

Salmon Chowder Soup Recipe Canned Salmon

Canned salmon comes with all of the taste and nutrition of fresh salmon, but is much easier to make. My favorite recipe to make with canned salmon is is salmon chowder soup. It’s a delicious, filling hearty soup with the ease and nutritional oomph that comes with salmon. Ingredients: – 3 tbsp. butter– 2 onions, […]


Perhaps the most well-known and enduring of all legends surrounding the herb rosemary is that which holds that, when the Holy Family fled to Egypt to escape Herod’s edict initiating the Massacre of the Innocents, Mary spread her robe over a rosemary bush while she rested beside it, turning hitherto white flowers blue.  This in […]

Recipes Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are becoming every popular these days. More and more often, they are even being served in eateries. When making smoothies at home, there are a few simple rules to remember. Rule #1- Use frozen fresh fruit when available.Rule #2- Use juice as the liquid.Rule #3- DO NOT add ice cubes!Rule #4- Add nutrition […]

Risks associated with Eating too much Fast Food

Fast food may be a tasty treat for the taste buds but what happens when the juicy burger patty moves down to the stomach is another issue- that is usually not pondered upon. According to the WHO there are over 1 billion overweight adults- among which at least 300 million are considered to be obese […]

Recipes Bruschetta Variations

Bruschetta with tomato? Why not bruschetta with cream cheese and shrimps? I happened to live in Italy when bruschetta was taking Italian bars by storm and they were trying to outdo each other with creative bruschetta variations. One of my favourites actually was a white bruschetta with no tomato at all just a generous spread […]

Racking Spices

Generally speaking I abhor torture and stand four square with the UN, Amnesty International, and all other organizations that ban its use. I would personally rather water ski through shark infested waters than water board a single living creature. Except when it comes to spices. Yes, it is true, I whole-heartedly endorse the use of […]

Recipes using Canned Salmon

For a different way of using canned salmon, why not try the following recipe for salmon souffle? It is quick and easy, yet presents well enough to be suitable for entertaining. Most importantly, it uses common ingredients and you won’t have to run out to buy a whole list of items. SALMON SOUFFLE 1 can […]

Quick and Easy Skillet Meals

After coming home from a long day at work, who wants to spend the rest of the evening fixing a big meal? Gather these few ingredients and follow these recipes for a quick dinner in no time! Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo You will need: a large cast iron skillet, mixing bowl, fork, spatula, plate, and […]

Recipes Vegetarian Lasagna

Eggplant is the perfect substitute for meat in your lasagna. I make this a lot in the summer when my eggplants are ripe! Makes approximately 12 servings 1 cup asiago or provolone cheese, shredded2 cups mozzarella cheese, shredded1/2 cup parmesan cheese, shredded1 container (15oz) ricotta cheese1 large bunch spinach (optional)2 medium eggplants2 jars (26oz each) […]