May, 2016

Bartender Culture Insights into the Lives of Barfolk

Ah, the bartender, the liquid chef, the mixologist, the beer slinger, the psychologist, the entertainer, the one who knows as soon as you step through the door, the mediator, the score keeper, the distracter, the “man”. Quick with a drink, an ear, a joke, some advice, light of a smoke. A salesman with the best […]

Recipes Low Fat Hamburgers

Low Fat Beef Hamburgers Many people are cutting back on fat in their diets either as a mandate from their doctors or for the desire to lose weight. Hamburgers are a favorite food of many people and are usually quite high in fat. The leanest hamburger you can buy can result in a dry, crumbly, […]

Recipes Hot Chocolate

Growing up in the cold winter state of Maine, hot chocolate was a regular beverage for us kids. We didn’t get the store-bought packets with dehydrated marshmallow bits, either. We got Mom’s, homemade with the big, fluffy white marshmallows floating on the top and melting as we took sips of the rich hot beverage. MOM’S […]

Review Nestle Lean Pocket Spinach Artichokes Chicken

I have always thought throughout my life that eating healthy meant eating food that wasn’t delicious. After all, most of what I craved was either fattening or had no nutritional value for me. So when I heard that Lean Pockets came out with a spinach, artichoke, and chicken version of their product, I was excited. […]

Is Organic Produce really Worth more Money – Yes

i have no qualms at all about paying extra for organic food, it has so many benefits, even if they are somewhat flawed. Our health should be of utmost importance to us, and I for one am happy to pay a bit extra to be sure that the fruit and vegetables I eat aren’t routinely […]

Baking Holiday Cookies Holiday Recipes Cookies Pantry

Holidays always bring out the baker in me and I am sure many other people. I find that I bake more cookies as the holidays draw near than any other time. I have discovered a baker’s pantry must be well stocked to avoid many last minute trips to the store and so I decided that […]


“Tuna Fish Twist” Serve this salad chilled for best flavor. 2 cans solid white albacore tuna1/2 small onion, finely chopped1 tablespoon dill pickle relish2 hard-boiled eggs, coarsely chopped4 tablespoons mayonnaise to taste1/2 teaspoon garlic powder Combine all ingredients, adding more mayonnaise if desired. Serve on a bed of mixed greens like romaine and red leaf […]

Recipes Italian Cookies

This is how my mum makes her Cruspola(not sure about the spelling). Vermouth is the magic ingredient for a cookie recipe that I believe has been passed down by her family over the generations.Think I inherit my mum’s way of cooking and that is I never use a weighing scale.No need to preheat the oven […]

How to Make Garlic Cream Garlic and Herbed Cream Sauce for Meats Garlic Cream Sauce

I first discovered Garlic Cream in a fabulous restaurant in Las Vegas. I did not know for sure how to make it so I began experimenting. I now have what I call Garlic Cream, a sauce that works well with almost any roasted meat. I love it smeared over a nice thick piece of Prime […]

An Italian Restaurant in Salisbury

The Salisbury branch of Prezzo is housed in an old timber-frame building with a very distinctive exterior. Even in mid-afternoon the restaurant can be quite busy, but tables are usually available. The only problem is that one or two of them are placed very close together. The waiting staff are very friendly and welcoming, bringing […]