Apr, 2016

Mcdonalds Meals in the us and Internationally

Most people are going to say, “Of course there are going to be differences between an international food chain here in the US and over in other countries.” But how much difference do you think there is? Everyone knows how McDonald’s is here in the US: burgers and fries, chicken nuggets and giant soft drinks. Internationally, […]

How the Big Mac Changed Fast Food Forever

The Big Mac, which was introduced to consumers in 1967, has now become a signature product of McDonald’s. Initially, the Big Mac was sold only in the McDonald franchises in Pittsburgh. However, seeing the popularity of the revolutionary product, the Big Mac was later added as a meal at all McDonald’s franchises throughout America, and […]

How to Order a White Castle Hamburger Slyder

Many of our favorite eateries become such because they possess a unique culture unto themselves. The fast food chain White Castle, with it’s unique food, themed buildings, and an interesting history, has created it’s own restaurant culture that has been passed on from generation to generation. For a restaurant to create a distinctive culture it […]

Fast Food

Families are constantly being told to track their spending and stay on a budget but many will fail at doing so because they don’t really take in to consideration what constitutes spending. To get an adequate picture of what you are spending requires tracking EVERY CENT SPENT. That means spending at convenience stores, spending at […]

How Fast Food Chains are Working to Provide Healthy Alternatives

Today, it is not rare to see the names of salads, pastas and coleslaw on fast food restaurant menus. Due to the disapproval of health critics over unhealthy food served in America’s fast food chain restaurants, many fast food restaurants are now providing healthier alternatives for their consumers. Many fast food chain restaurants, including McDonalds, […]

How to Make Hot Cocoa Mix

Want to know one of the best tasting homemade hot cocoa mixes? Well, courtesy of Alton Brown from Food Network, here it is folks: 2 cups powdered sugar 1 cup cocoa (Dutch-Process preferably) 2 ½ cups powdered milk 1 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons cornstarch Why on earth would someone want to make their own homemade […]

The Worst Fast Food Calorie Offenders

The Double Down made headlines when it was introduced to KFC’s everyday menu, but it is not even a contender for the least healthy fast food items. KFC’s Double Down comes in at a mere 540 calories  , 460 calories if the chicken is grilled. Nothing on this list packs fewer than 900 calories. Most people don’t […]

Should i be Eating that Fast Food

Do you begin each week determined to make and take nutritional lunches to work instead of eating out every day? Do you fantasize about the weight you will lose and the cruise you will take with the money you save by bagging it, only to cave in to that jittery sensation of grease deprivation by […]

Why Drinks are the most Profitable Item for Fast Food Restaurants

A satisfying complete meal at a fast food joint is incomplete without guzzling the customary drink. And the choice is not limited to just the traditional soda or shake. Nowadays, customers are flooded with innovative and lip-smacking drinks which keeps them asking for more. Customers are lapping up readily the eclectic mix of drinks like […]

Philadelphia Famous Cheesesteak Sandwich Hoagie – Yes

I always chuckle a bit whenever I encounter debates such as this one. I chuckle because I instantly recognize the frivolity of such discussions; and then I chuckle a bit more because I can usually predict what I’ll hear from the debate participants. Within this discussion of the Philly cheesesteak sandwich, for example, I figured […]