Jun, 2015


I am grateful today to be alive and have unlimited energy to use in many ways to create happiness and health and balance. I start a new job and am grateful for that. I am already familiar with the setting and so I don’t have to be nervous about that. I am also grateful Jody […]

Proofreader and Copyeditor

I am a successful proofreader and copyeditor. My new proofreading and copyediting service will take off like a rocket! Supporting Actions: Promoting my services will help manifest this intention. Background Information: I have a strong background in English.  I love to read, write and help people.  This is my dream job so I decided to […]

A good friend

I am grateful for my good friend Jane. She is great to talk with. She is accepting of me totally and she is generous with herself. I feel so good after I come home from spending time with her. She is also interested in the same metaphysical ideas as I am. So, we can have […]