Apr, 2015

Usually not excited about Monday

The Plan Tomorrow Dori will consult with Dr Kapoor and come up with a plan of action. On one hand it is nice that we get to kind of chart our own course and have such a big impact on the direction of Dori’s treatment. On the other hand it makes it hard to know […]

8 years later

This weekend we are headed off to the lake for a mini-vacation. It has been awhile since we have been able to go as a family so we will have a great time. We have to be careful with Dori as she has strict orders to stay out of the sun. That’s tough for her […]

Things looking good or bad

I visited with Dori today at the hospital and she looked great-much better than she looked a few weeks ago when she was in there. She is eating well, has no fever and is just trying to get strong. She is hoping to get Kapoor to release her tonight-we’ll see about that! Anyway, she looks […]

More of the same

Dori sounded real good today. We talked with her this morning as we got ready for church then again this afternoon. She still seems to be real tired though. I wasn’t able to get over to see her today-me and Tait went to Sea World again for a few hours while Jaden was at my […]

Out of ICU

Out of ICU and hopefully home soon. Real progress today as Dori felt good, had no “real” fever and was able to exercise some without a drop in oxygen level. I took the kids over tonight after dinner. Dori had called and said she would be moving out of ICU and that she wanted to […]